Leben und Wohnen in Brandenburg an der Havel


The agony of choice: Old Town life in the middle of a millennial city, true garden idyll, affordable family living places and all of that age-appropriate.

Hardly any other German city of this size offers so many different living qualities and advantages. This opinion is in addition to the approx. 70,000 inhabitants of the city and its numerous visitors. Even if you are working in Berlin or any other big city, there are plenty of reasons why you should move to Brandenburg an der Havel. Whether you have a family or you are single, looking for the first home or focusing on the accessibility. Here you will find an exceptionally wide range of attractive apartment offers in versatile living environments. It ranges from the urban living in the center, to the green garden city area and to the compact living quarters with proximity to utilities. You can live in attractive old buildings, lofts or modern new buildings. Moreover, you will have the ability to choose between low-priced and high-priced housing offers. You can also rent individually modernized apartments or buy one and realize your dream of having your own home. Characteristic are always the preserved historical cityscape, the special qualities of the districts, the numerous waters with the Havel River and Beetzsee Lake and the charming landscape in which the city is embedded.

Shopping, working, enjoying culture and simply relaxing with a latte macchiato by the water ... in the historic city center and in the Gründerzeit ring district, both old-building enthusiasts and fanciers of modern architecture will find a diverse range of residential accommodation. All of this quickly achievable on short well connected routes.

Whether green oasis in the city center, attractive garden city or the open spaces around your own house around ... nature you will experience almost everywhere in Brandenburg on the Havel.

Good accessibility, local supply on the doorstep, active neighborhoods ... the different residential areas of the city offer a variety of housing options.

Families play a huge role in the city.

Well accessible and supplied, individual services as needed.

Single, in the middle of city life