Leben und Wohnen in Brandenburg an der Havel


Between historic walls and modern architecture, from the city center to the Plaue district- the versatility of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel offers something for everyone - from singles to families with children and to the elderly. The city on the Havel river presents itself with its attractive living possibilities and quality of life that makes you want to stay here and live.

Brandenburg an der Havel and the six largest housing companies and cooperatives represented here offer you an insight into the diverse housing offers of the city and would like to introduce you to the individual neighborhoods with their special living qualities. Here you will find the answer to “WHERE to live, HOW it is to live here and for WHO is the living in Brandenburg an der Havel the best fit” Our conclusion: Beautiful living possibilities in Brandenburg an der Havel you can find EVERYWHERE, INDIVIDUALLY CUSTOMIZED and for EVERYONE!

Hardly any other German city of this size offers so many different living qualities and advantages. This opinion is in addition to the approx. 70,000 inhabitants of the city and its numerous visitors.

From the city center to Kirchmöser area - Brandenburg and der Havel has attractive and unique neighborhoods with special living and quality of life: mostly on the water and in the countryside, always sympathetic, urban diversity, train station and inner city, family-friendly residential areas, generation-appropriate care locations, housing and living with lake views in rural districts and single-family home areas.

The housing companies cooperating in the ARGE Stadtumbau / Wohnen manage approx. 17,700 of the approx. 43,000 apartments in the city of Brandenburg an der Havel. In cooperation with their tenants or members and the city of Brandenburg an der Havel, they make their contribution to sustainable urban development and the maintenance of the quality of life in the Havel city.

Living Qualities in the neigbourhoods

    • Downtown

      Historic and vital - living in the city historical monument

    • Nord

      Close to downtown, full of green and well-supplied

    • Görden

      Green living "on the Görden"

    • Hohenstücken

      Affordable and good living opportunities for young and old

    • Kirchmöser

      Working and living with a lake view- closer to the water more than ever

    • Plaue

      Village atmosphere in the west of the city